can any one tell me...

...only one thing? why, on earth, it's still raining here?!

so depressing, and i have almost nothing to do... well. i have. i should pack my suitcase now. but i rather spend some time here :)

back. but even when it's raining you can have great time. especially when you have a blog and hungry readers :)

so, according to the weather maybe some raincoats? because for me that's the only proper wear on a rainy day. so that's what i found:
transparent rubber rain coat - burberry prorsum

that's the most exclusive one that i found. it looks quite nice and definitely original. but you should wear it on another coat, as on the picture. unless you want to catch a cold. and now breath deeply... is 957.03. 
yup. a lot. i would rather spend it on some books... or cloths :p

let's face it. burberry has some of the best coats. and now they are colourful! look:

and i really like those with checkered pattern:

especially this last one. if i only had 3.000 pounds... 
to look closer at this new collection click here.

what do you think about them?

love you,


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