i thought that i'll write about holidays.
well, they started almost 2 weeks ago and i'm still tired after school.


in 23 days i'll be in london again, on my amazing course about fashion designing.
course from my future, i hope, school.
it's quite famous around the world. one of my main inspirations, alexander mcqueen, studied there. i hope i'll manage to get there after finishing school.

and now, in august, i'll have a short course (3 weeks) about fashion there.
cool, right? i'm so happy that i got my papers on time, there are only 16 places.
i just can't wait to go there and learn about my favorite hobby :).

i just wonder what to buy there...

do you know any interesting shops in london?

ps. do you know any (cheap) shop with artistic equipment in london? because i must do some shopping for this course...

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