23 kg (edit: 26! kg)

what? my suitcase
weight? 23 kg (at least...) (edit: 26 kg!!!)
full of? everything that i need (no, half of it are not cosmetics)

why it's so heavy? i don't know!

yup. this is my basic problem. i'll be alone, travelling by plane and bus. great. but i'll survive! i must, i don't have a choice.

:) / :/

,,i'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.'' love that <3
and i'm tired of packing. loads of packing.
but it's nearly done, big suitcase at least. now my hand luggage. in the next post i'll write what's in there.

i'm going to bed. write later.

love you,


p.s. look... a puppy in a box! <3


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