miró, tate modern

today i've been to tate modern and seen the miró exhibit. one word: amazing.

some pictures:
view from the terrace in tate modern
beautiful miró exhibit poster
tate modern chimney
wonderful place. lots of postcards, books and films. love <3
,,coffee does wonders''
part of my outfit of the day
brown wedges - topshop
long, maroon socks - topshop
colourful dress - h&m
author of the photos: queen of rainbow

tomorrow i'm going to my summer fashion 3-weeks course. i'm scared...

write more later, in the train.

love you all <3



vol. 2

day two, quite nice. no rain.

todays buys: dark mini dress with lots of padlocks on it, socks with owls, my favourite hair dye <3

coffee does wonders. really.

pink hair on a 35 year old. O.o okej...

beautiful wedges. someone doesn't want me to buy converse this year.

queue for a louis vuitton boutique? what a sight to see.

i want to have somebody to carry my bags around while i'm shopping...

write more tomorrow, too tired...

love you all,



welcome to london!

i'm in london now. sitting on my bed, chilling...
how lucky i am?

i've been to london how many times, still it surprises me. a lot. especially people. what they wear particularly. maybe i'll get some pictures of them?

let's get something clear. mint taste knows how to deal with fashion. if you want to find a particular item he'll find it in few minutes. but he's not always right, not some guru stuff ;) but he instructed me to go to abercrombie shop. i think i was one of my fastest shopping ever. i just got through the crowd in the entry, there is this handsome model, you can take pictures with him, and run upstairs. i almost fell down because it's so dark, loud and stuffy there. and this smell.

whole shop is covered with it. my head was hurting 2 hours after that.

when i got upstairs, i just smelled the abercrombie fragrance for women ,,8''. i doesn't smell nice at all for me.

my conclusion from this shop is that the team there must be specially trained for this job, they are enjoying it!

all day long i was exhausted, i had to be at the airport at 4.30! then bus to victoria, and bus to paddington. searching for my hotel, waiting for my room. but finally i could get to the center and go to major shops for the first day. top shop, h&m, desigual, waterstones. there i almost fall asleep while reading a book so i got back to the hotel and spend some time here.

now i'm going to bed.
write more soon, promise.

love you all,


p.s. we survived!


23 kg (edit: 26! kg)

what? my suitcase
weight? 23 kg (at least...) (edit: 26 kg!!!)
full of? everything that i need (no, half of it are not cosmetics)

why it's so heavy? i don't know!

yup. this is my basic problem. i'll be alone, travelling by plane and bus. great. but i'll survive! i must, i don't have a choice.

:) / :/

,,i'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.'' love that <3
and i'm tired of packing. loads of packing.
but it's nearly done, big suitcase at least. now my hand luggage. in the next post i'll write what's in there.

i'm going to bed. write later.

love you,


p.s. look... a puppy in a box! <3




it's big, red and now quite heavy (luckily, i have a lot of extra weight left). my entire world fits in it. clothes, books, make-up, art. that's really me. guess what's that?

to those of you who thought about my suitcase, you're right. it is.

as i promised this is it:
and in closeup:
p.s. those are my personal things, i'll describe them when i'll make a look with those

it's almost done, only few more thing to pack. tomorrow i'm going on art shopping, to buy watercolours and gouache paints. and few more things. do you have any more ideas about what i should bring?

and also... do you know any great shop with converse and dr. martens shoes? because i want to buy them in london for the first time and i don't really know any good shops.

i'm taking loads of things, even my best friend, mint taste, hoodie :). thanks to my mom, i'm prepared for almost every weather. well, without -50 degrees celsius but i think that it won't be necessary in the middle of august. once again, thanks mom! :)

do you know any good artistic shop in central london or near paddington? because i need to buy some paper, like layout and cartridge pads. i don't know the difference? and what's an hardback presentation sketchbook? do you know?

i think that's enough for one post :).

i'll write later, soon.

love you,


finally, sun!

it's not raining! sun, sun, sun (well almost because it's now night here)...

i was packing today, well... really doing my laundry. loads of it. now my entire room is covered in clothes... well it is always but now they are clean. :)

first: i feel very sad about amy winehouse's death. r.i.p
second: i just wanted to drop here not really knowing what to write about. do you like those posts? because i'm just taking my mind out of my normal life when i'm here, writing.

i suppose some of you are waiting for my fashion to come here. maybe some of you don't know it but i'm a beginner fashion designer. i now have some sketches, maybe i'll post them soon... what do you think?

i'm planning to post here my list of thinks in my suitcase and those that i want to buy in london. any suggestions?

i think i'll post every day while i'm on my course and in london as well. you'll know first :) follow my blog and twitter so you can catch up with my news all the time :)

next post about suitcase (and converse coming up!)

love you,

write soon,


p.s. i think that this is my longest post without pictures. wow. i'm proud of myself, getting better :)


can any one tell me...

...only one thing? why, on earth, it's still raining here?!

so depressing, and i have almost nothing to do... well. i have. i should pack my suitcase now. but i rather spend some time here :)

back. but even when it's raining you can have great time. especially when you have a blog and hungry readers :)

so, according to the weather maybe some raincoats? because for me that's the only proper wear on a rainy day. so that's what i found:
transparent rubber rain coat - burberry prorsum

that's the most exclusive one that i found. it looks quite nice and definitely original. but you should wear it on another coat, as on the picture. unless you want to catch a cold. and now breath deeply... is 957.03. 
yup. a lot. i would rather spend it on some books... or cloths :p

let's face it. burberry has some of the best coats. and now they are colourful! look:

and i really like those with checkered pattern:

especially this last one. if i only had 3.000 pounds... 
to look closer at this new collection click here.

what do you think about them?

love you,


rain is all around

first of all i would like to thank you for the views and comments. i really appreciate those and enjoy reading them. hope to have twice as many views in 2 weeks, would you help?

it's very cold here and we are so insane that we went out, on the heavy rain and drunk champagne to celebrate. how crazy is that?

i wanted to make a ,,outfit of the day'' post but it's raining and i look horrible in my colourful raincoat with flowers. maybe tomorrow?

a real rainy day picture.
 floral martens shoes - dr. martens

love you all,




do you like converse shoes? i just absolutely love them! <3

so change of plans. next post: converse shoes!

and now pretty cool film with them as stars.

enjoy! :p

love you



outfit of the day: 19.07.11

outfit of the day (bit late, i know... sorry)

red tank top with bunny - stradivarius
orange cardigan - zara
blue full length pants - stradivarius
nude high heels - aldo
glasses - ray ban
earrings - bijou brigite

i hope you like my new, ,,more ginger'' hair as much as i love them :)

love you all <3


in one week...

this time next week i'll be on piccadilly circus eating cinnabon and photographing interesting people. then i'll return to my tiny hotel, lock the doors in by room and take a long, scented bath.
but wait...
before the bath i'll go to the reception and turn on my macbook, i called pear :), and post my first post directly from london!
are you excited? because i am, really. i'll be there all alone, for 3 whole days.

and i want to do big shopping <3

what i should buy? and where? that is a question...

do you know any great shops in london? vintage clothing perhaps?

any of you (whoever you are) from blogging from london? is it raining there now?
next post: my suitcase

love you all,




i'm just back from the new harry potter film. i know i shouldn't write about that kind of staff here but...

i think that they changed so many things. for example all the love stories... jesus christ. almost all of them are wrong.

i can't think of any more to say right now but in general you should see it, just for the joy, because it's not that bad after all.

i'll see it again on monday and then write a short review of it. what do you think?



sorry, bit confused

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i'm a bit confused about all this holiday things, cleaning, packing, etc....
and tired, i didn't sleep well for about 4 days now. my god...

now, i have a obsession about good, bit harder than usually music. album of the week: this is war, 30 seconds to mars, love<3

i wrote a list of things to pack for my course in london but i'm not sure of it. any ideas?

bit later expect photos of my outfit of the day :)

just now i can show you my beautiful black wedges, stradivarius

by mint taste
sorry for the quality but they are taken with my ipod so...

i hope you'll enjoy them :)


vernissage - photos

the dog number one:
 the artworks:

 and the artist at last:
and the dog number two :)
i'm thinking of changing my hairstyle. like keira knightley in coco mademoiselle commercial. but ginger, like a carrot almost.

what do you think about it?

write soon,


outfit of the day: 07.07.11

white tank top - h&m
deep blue skirt - river island
grey ballerinas with strap - goertz 17
red bag - some shop with leather things, on the market
black leather belt - river island
colorful shawl - zara
cat earrings - bijou brigitte
glasses - ray ban

today i made a fantastic fruit cake. with creamy filling and raspberries on top. mniam!

and in the evening i went to vernissage of my friend.
it was quite nice and i met some interesting people. maybe i'll put some photos from there soon.

what do you think about matching jeans with jeans? that's a new popular trend and i'm thinking about it.

write soon,


outfit of the day: 06.07.11

striped shirt - promod
gray trousers 7/8 - zara
mint checkered socks - h&m
black leather oxford shoes - goertz 17
black leather satchel bag - river island
 brown belt - zara
retro sunglasses - ray ban
silver earrings with eiffel tower- orsay
silver earring with peace sign - topshop

thought that it'll be quite interesting to start posting new category, outfit of the day.
what do you think?
(i wanted to shoot our photographer's outfit but he kept on hiding so there is no good picture of him, too bad)

i was on shopping today and i bought this amazing deep blue skirt (outfit of tomorrow) and floral dungarees. cool right?
also today i shoot some really interesting people on the street so that will be one of my next posts.

hope you'll enjoy it,