i was really preparing for this post. but... i thought that i prefer to write just like pfff... you know :)
so... even though i don't really feel christmasy i did celebrate. and i got some presents, yey!

and in advance i apologise for no actual pictures if them cause, well my camera is working again (nothing really bad happened to her) but the lens is broken, i have to buy a new one and it'll be in january... sad but i'm happy that i don't have to buy a new camera...

back to christmas. so... i got:
tripod (it'll be really handy in london, i'm going this winter holidays :)
earrings with pink feathers
new vogue
a book of patterns
tea maniac set (a very cute cup with knitted sleeve? protector? i don't know how to call it but it's adorable, and a teapot with a hat with an owl on it <3)
some films
and an oversized jumper (i'm planning to make a reindeer jumper next year so this will be my template)

i'm tired... and sleepy... bye...

love you,


p.s. what did you get? and how did you celebrate?



let's get it 'owly' in here!
look! another christmas card! it's for my and my mom's friends. they got married like a month ago but i just now finished the card... sorry. i just wish them my very best and hope that they'll be happy :)

and a copy of that is going to my wall. yey!

today i was on like window shopping because i need another warm jumper. and there are none jumpers like that! over-sized, warm jumpers! please, is it that hard to put some of those in winter collections?!


time to change that! any ideas?

tomorrow more,

love you,




there are some great news today. i had maximum points on my english exam, i have really good grades for the semester and also i just figured out how to understand the electricity! well a bit but still :)

i'm sorry that i'm not posting every day but you know it's christmas coming and the semester at my school ends this week. every teacher just remembered that they don't have some grades in couple of criterions. and what now? of course! let's give them extra homework and a test this week! they are not helping n the house anyway... yeah... not exactly like that but who cares about the students in a school that has been made for them?

anyway. back to the point. i haven't posted any picture in a long time, but believe me please. i am drawing those every day, at school. and my wall of stuff is full of ideas.

actually this whole drawing project has made a lot of good stuff. i've finally started to clean up my very messy room, and using it. now i'm on the point that you still have a lot of cleaning (i'm 50% done by now) and you start to design your room.

i've been living in this flat for almost 3 years and i still don't really have my own room, like it's my room but not 'mine'.
now i'm thinking for things which would change that.
i'm putting my favourite posters on the walls (marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, london taxi and my absolute favourite - a lady in a big, red hat [maggie and mint taste got it for me for my 14 birthday... now i'm 15 and it's not hanging... i feel bad...])
i also have my wall of stuff which is getting kind of big. some little lights on the balcony and near the bed.  i got a lot of stuff for organising my desk and the bookcase. then a little carpet and finally the wardrobe :)

wow... that was long...

tomorrow i'm finishing my classes quite early so a pic update :)

i'm really sorry once again,

love you,




i have the pleasure to introduce you to jacqueline. 
she's a fashion critic. from now on every time i'll review a fashion show she'll give me some of her thoughts on that subject. 
she's from paris but her mom is welsh. now she studies in london and earns some money reviewing for some small fashion magazines. 
now she'll review something for you here :)

what do you think about that?

love you,



chicken money-box is drowning

lets get down to business straight away.
next picture on my wall is:
this is just a sketch of my friend. he's got a hay fever and he's drowning in tissues. emotional state: kind of... couldwejustnottalkaboutitnowornever?
fun fact of the day: he's one of the rubik's cube guys

later this month there will be a proper drawing of him, this is just a sketch. 

anything new?
well, i organised my desk a bit:
nothing better than mugs for pencils. from one to four. and yes, that is a chicken money-box. 
and a actual piggy :) there i keep my london money if you're curious. 

i know that there is not much about fashion here but all i can say for now is that i wear extremely large hoodies and my lovely green jeans.
last days of my converse. they are breaking...

i'm gonna end up in nuthouse, age 17.

love you all,


p.s. thank you for over 2,000 views. i'm really happy that you enjoy that bit of my world :)



today is the day...

...on which i finally started my wall. jup. i figured out that i'll also print that i really like on the internet such as this pic:
isn't it just amazing? i have it on my lock screen.
and actually this is my first picture ever that i wanted to put on my wall but i won't end up there cause i had to give it to my arts teacher... sucks...
quality once again fails, it's an ipod. yeah... but i drew another owl so it will be on my wall. also today i made this one:
[this time it's my webcam...]
i didn't really want to edit it all but it should say arts et m├ętiers which means arts and crafts in french.
i have that thing on my pencil case but this one is more 'starish' :)

... on which i should go to my english lessons but i don't. and do nothing.
that's it... besides 'i hate mondays!'

and there is one more thing, i really have to change that picture with sleeping position:
picture tomorrow.

that's it for now it think...

love you,



ok. let's be honest. i failed again. but... [magic day] tomorrow i'm gonna post a post with all of those pictures and photos that ended up on my wall.

fun fact of the day:
i saw a rubber ducky that looked like rubik's cube.
[here there should be a pic but i can't find it]
yeah, full professional blogger...

see you tomorrow,

love you,



shadow on a space bar

today i fell in love with men clothes. basically in those extra large hoodies. i wish that my boyfriend gave me one of his but i don't have a boyfriend so i have to deal with that myself.
so today after the exam i had a plan to go shopping with my 'sister' but it didn't work so i just went by myself.
lovely h&m saved me once again. i've got two hoodies, one white with fur inside (it's so warm and fluffy, love it!) and one that looks like a tv buzz, or something like that.
the white one:
and i can't find the other one so maybe next week i'm gonna post a ootd with it. and i got woollen tv buzz socks and a strange hair band thingy with some feathers. wintery look. oh! i forgot. and polka dots black leggings! yey!

and i also did something creative today. i reorganised my cover and got new sticker. actually it's not a sticker, just a pice of paper sticked to my space bar but how cares. it looks really cool for me, don't you think?
i know the photo is crap but my nikon... let's say, it's not entirely right at the moment. long story. i just have to give it to somebody, then it'll be alright again, hopefully...

and i draw some owls for christmas.
on my hand.
so i kind of washed them out.
but soon i'll make some christmas cards for my family and friends.
the main theme: owls, obviously.

although it's christmas coming... i can't really feel it now. i'm just stuck in november still, i guess. that's not right but i can't really do anything about it.

oh! i forgot one more thing. for santa claus day i got an amazing album with pictures of some of the most famous models of all time. the photos are just wonderful and really original. 

anything more? oh. 
my post series.
do you really mind if i'm going to start that tomorrow. now i don't really want to, or have the energy to do that.

the main thing of this is that everyday till my winter holidays (14.01.12) i'm gonna post one of my handmade pictures, either of something that i really like or one of my designs, a photo or anything like that. and all of those things are going to be on my wall near my desk. to keep me inspirited and all that stuff.
the wall of stuff project. 

and there is a wonderful thing about that. if you want to have your pice in my wall of stuff just send me an email with that :) for sure i'm gonna put all of those mails on my wall. 

14.01.12 is the ending day, a post about the project and photos of the wall.
do you like it? what do you think about that whole post (which is kind of long, btw if you didn't notice that yourself :)? 

hope you'll enjoy my project and the blog (?)

love you all, thank you for patience,



what the hell happened?

i believe apologies are needed over here. i'm really sorry.
but this is my post partly celebrating that i just wrote my maths exam and it wasn't so difficult i think :).
that means it's thursday.
and that means that tomorrow i have my english exam and that's it! i'm free from 10.30! how wonderful is that?

eventually that means that tomorrow i'm going to go to starbucks, have hot chocolate and write a lot brilliant post. yup. this time i am gonna make it, promise!

as you can read from my blog i'm bad at keeping promises like that. but at some point i'll get there hopefully.

tomorrow i'll put some real fashion stuff here.
and a victoria's secret fashion show review is coming by the end of this week so i start to make this blog really about fashion not my weird things in head.

but just today i want to share with you this:
how awesome is that? this girl is amazing

and that's about it

love you,



i want weekend!

just a really quick update.
tomorrow: new series and that stuff. hope you'll like it.
i want it to be weekend. i know i'm writing this on sunday but it wasn't a good sunday. i want real christmas weekend.
monday baking tomorrow. little santa!
and finally:
from wednesday to friday i have mock exams, really important. so probably, not sure just sayin', there won't be posts everyday as i wanted.

are you excited for santa claus day? i am :)

love you, till tomorrow.

xoxo :)


seriously... let's talk about something important

chocolate! especially hot chocolate :) in queen of rainbow style

how? pretty simple. you'll just need that,
that: (that's milk, just sayin') 
and probably that:
as for cups, i prefer a big one:
start with heating the milk, it should be hot but not boiling. in the mean time prepare the chocolate thingy.
just take 3 heaped teaspoons of the powder:
when the milk is ready just pour the milk in the cup. and stir. 
it should look like that:
and just add some marshmallows :)
and something snowy which tastes great with hot chocolate:
snowflakes :)
isn't this just absolutely cute?

and that's about it. enjoy queen of rainbow's real chocolate :)

i know. firstly it has absolutely nothing to do with fashion but it's my 100 post and i just want to celebrate a bit :)
secondly i have no idea what to write about. maybe i should really sit on the victoria's secret fashion show review? how about that?

tomorrow i'll show you something really colorful. and probably start my mysterious december post series :) i hope you are going to like it

and that's it. let's make a cup of hot chocolate and celebrate my 100 post! 

love you all,


p.s. how cute is that?
it's a hand warmer :)


hello, december

i should write something interesting... or funny... entertaining at least.
but i don't know neither what nor how.
so let's stay on regular. ok? maybe another time. yup.

nothing new around me, only i really have to get some medical thingies. that's all because, obviously, i'm a stupid person. and i don't really use my brain cells in as important things as health and life. dumb.

it's not actually connected with fashion but it's important for me and those who care for me, so that's it.

1. dec.
hope, it's gonna be better than the first day cause today was really bad. really bad. some of my worst days. 
but that's not really important, it's gone. i think. i don't want it to happen ever again. no recalling! 

yes, that would be it, actually.
and i add one thing to my december list. forever list.
never, ever leave the key in the door while you're home alone. never! trust me!

btw you know any really really good alarm clocks? like loud, flashing, annoying in general?

love you,


p.s. i just love or hate my randomness. i'm not sure now.



sleep position

which do you like the best? i really do like sleeping like that :)
tomorrow, or today (it depends on the day on which you're reading this post) december starts. every year, december is kind of special. on the first day i make some resolutions. yeah, i know it's more like new year's thing but i prefer december. this year most of them are connected to my 'education' and fashion stuff. although one or two are about relationships, i won't really post them here, till they are fulfilled :]
as to my 'education': learn more, be enthusiastic and don't give up!
fashion? actually, it's more like more fashion!  i'll do more sketches and searching for inspiration. i hope that by the end of december of in the middle of january, i'm going to have a collection sketches and start working on the actual clothes. that should be fun! 
according to manage to do all of that i have to plan really well. and, honestly, i have some problems with that. do you have any good way of planning? i though of like little gifts for every small achievement... but that's kind of expensive :/
and there is something more connected to fashion, actually. this year my whole family will receive handmade presents from me. and that's going to take a lot of time, but that's my next resolution.
probably all of those presents are going to be somehow connected with fashion so expect some interesting photos :)

as to fashion... today the package with speck cover was waiting for me :)
 i changed a bit the original thing but not much. and i thought that it's gonna change every month or something like that :)
work going on:
that would be it for now. thanks for reading that, keep your fingers crossed for me and my resolutions :)

love you,


p.s. tomorrow i'm starting my december posts series. hope you'll enjoy it :)




look what i've done today [unfortunately instead of homework but i'm tired]! owl cupcakes! aren't they so cute and adorable?
i don't really know what to write about... maybe something more creative?
my creativity.
i just think that school kills creativity in kids but i try to hide a bit of it deep in side me.
and there it is:
this is a prototype of my own macbook case. you know, a seethru speck cover and under it this collage. 
i just think that's pretty inspiring. i have there coco chanel [and btw their new photo shoot, those ,,your pics here in 4 min'' absolutely love that :)], emma watson [i'm a big fan of her, really], vogue cover, london fashion and some really colourful stuff which i found kind of interesting. 

i'm gonna write some more really soon, promise.

hope you like it,

love you,


p.s. what do you think of reviewing victoria's secret fashion show this year? i quite like those :)
really colourful, funky and beautiful. nice atmosphere as well, and it sort of looks like it's a whole big performance. the singers, the top models... review? i think is actually tomorrow :)
like it? hate it?
leave a comment



galaxy cotton candy

today was the day that i started to love cotton candy. more specially, blue cotton candy that looks like stars.
yeah, i know. stupid associations but i don't really care about it. so lets truly begin.
my promised outfit of the day [it's kind of night on that photos but it doesn't really matter i guess]:
owl hat [yes that's an owl] - river island
scarf - river island
trousers - cubus, i think
boots - i have no idea, i have them for so long that i can't remember the exact name
bag - beyond retro
glasses - ray ban
owl earrings - bijou brigitte

you probably noticed that i forgot the coat. it's not actually a coat, just really big, oversized for me, man's jacket. i'm really proud of it. my best bought this winter i think. it's made of pure wool, hand woven and partly sewed. you can imagine how warm is that. really warm.
any way, it cost me quite a lot but i think it was worth it. and i think that it looks cool with everything :) [modesty, my ultimate tool :)]

this whole - galaxy-cotton candy thing reminded me of a post that i started writing but never finished. it was kind of connected to that theme. maybe i should post it? what do you think?
and how do you find my outfit of the night? :)

hope you like it,

love you,


fashion world is slowly dying...

everybody was expecting this... fashion world was excited once again, like for [umm... how many years?... never mind]... at this time of year. a new h&m collaboration was coming out. november. 17th exactly.
this year: versace
a house with long tradition. since... here i should give you a brief history of their fashion but i thought it's a bit boring so let's skip that.

as to h&m, you all know that i really love them. the fabrics aren't really luxurious, in general: cotton. i like cotton, universal thing, don't you think?
but i love h&m not for cotton but mostly for the patterns: owls, reindeers, foxes... and all the peace etc. accessorises are so cute! like those earrings... you can read more here

anyway, where was i?

oh yes, versace for h&m

for me: disaster.
donatella said that they picked the most recognisable bits from the whole history of the brand. oh, come on! it's not in fashion anymore! [that was a thought from mint taste but it's so true that i thought that i can put it here :)]

and as to clothes themselves...
come on, let's face it. they are disgusting. and they look really trashy. i saw some of them myself and really - who, on earth, would wear that? in general i don't like versace clothing but now it was just horrible.
anyway, have you seen those clothes?
repeating the question: who, on earth, would wear that??
anyway...[is it only me, or i'm writing that like a millionth time?]
i thought that as i'm going to review some collection i should have my own scale. like: hatemeter? rainbowmeter? sthmeter at least. [btw any ideas for the name? write them in the comments :)]
so on this scale, from 1-5 i give this collection about 1,5-2 points because... well, you know why.

my conclusion is that fashion world is truly dying now. 
hope i'm gonna save it :) just kidding but somebody has to do something about it...

love you,


p.s. i hope you enjoy reading it. if you want me to review any collection just comment :)



little france

today is kind of a french day. actually i started it with english competition, really bad one. but then i had a really long sleep and some macarons from a french cafe. looking like this:
they were absolutely delicious :)
and i also had hot chocolate as always. from marshmallows i made those:
looks cool, doesn't it?
and it's pretty inspiring. 
maybe you are wondering if i'm ok. well, i'm still ill but it's better. tomorrow i'm preparing a post about versace for h&m collection. just a sneak peek, it's awful in my opinion. and what do you think? waiting for some interesting comments :)
this weekend outfit of the day. and i've got an interesting idea for december, like a series of posts. and some stupid questions :)

hope you're ok, love you,



bit random comeback

i haven't been here for a while. and i feel bad about it. really.
now i'm ill so i have time to catch up with all the 'internet stuff'.
last week update:
nothing. literally nothing. i only did some pretty stupid biology things which i can't even send to a contest cause i lost my diploma from last year. yea, really funny. no.
note to everybody that doesn't know me in person, every year when it gets cold i change slippers.
my regular crocs (i know, a person like me, you know 'interested in fashion and etc.', hate them but i only wear them at the swimming pool, at home and on the beach, which is not really often, so i guess that's ok)  to my lovely, warm felt socks-like things. i don't really know how to call them, any ideas? i'll show you a picture:
the point is that they got messy and the sole kind of fell of and they stretched a bit. but i still love them. they are orange and have pompons, what more can i ask for?
and i want to share with you my recent creature:
yey! 3d! just put these on:
and experience magic... hahaha! kidding but it's kind of funny :)
ok. that's kind of it. but let me make one thing:
it's enough of stupid flowers and all that stuff
i'm gonna make that blog about fashion and my things
not flowers!
expect some changes like my slippers :D
i bought some awesome clothes recently so outfit of the day post is coming 

that's it for now.

love you,


ps. check my first guest post on cover to cover:

and this guy:
i just think he's hilarious, especially the 'evolution of music' series. 

love you all,

ps.vol.2  i'm no longer on twitter, tumblr or any stuff like that. it's not for me i guess.