on inspiration


so you know that feeling when you have that moment to clear inspiration, luck and you just know you can do it. solve this equation, write that short story, draw that perfect picture. for me, that's one of the best feelings in the world. i feel so powerful and later so accomplished and happy. because i'm a big procrastinator and have some issues, it feels even better to have done something and actually be satisfied with it.

that's how i felt about the sockabrate series. even though i was late for most of the posts, let's be honest, and i didn't like some of the designs, i really felt like i was creating something new. i know that there are countless designs of the market, in fact i own loads, but i've never seen my ideas, obvs.

unfortunately, that wonderful feeling of creating didn't last the test of research. by accident really. my cousin/sister is getting married this august and her fiance needs socks. the wedding is going to be forest/rustic themed so the socks are going to match, little trees or forest animals. so i looked for those online. ehhh... and there i was on websites that have basically every possible thing on socks. including designs that were almost identical to mine.

self-esteem minus 9000.

that's why i wasn't posting a while back. it really ruined my inspiration. i still don't feel too good, thinking about it. i'll still try to think of something original and probably not do any research cause that just brings me down but it takes time.

do any of you struggle with that? it's probably easier if you're painting a nature mort or sketching, cause you're trying to be realistic but when creating something new...

do you have any tips or tricks to stay creative and sure when you have to inspiration?

i don't know, really.

hope you enjoyed nonetheless.



p.s. real sockabrate is coming, i have some designs.




long time no see, totally my fault. i'm sorry.

but all that guilt aside, i have more, material, to add.

today, 11th of april, the wroclaw fashion meeting pop up store started.

it's an independent fashion fair organised in browar mieszczanski in wroclaw. all brands are polish, some even local in wroclaw. the stalls are small but very well equipped. the whole place is shared by children's, women's and men's fashion. 

browar mieszczanski is quite interesting by itself, actually. it's an old beer brewery for local producers. now it's no longer in use like that, it became a social place, there is an all year round gallery, a few restaurants and a small theatre. but additionally it organises big events such as the fashion meeting or food fests, really worth checking out, it was totally new to me and i'm in love.

here are some shots of the place, sorry for the quality, i forgot my dslr (#professionalblogger)...

even though i've been to such a place before, this time i actually found something. let me show you:

 this is a beautiful bag, silky smooth.
it's from a co mi tam.
the fabric on the inside seems quite durable
and easy to wash, and the metallic
handles completely make this for me!

 these are fingerless made from felt.
the felt is made from merino sheep wool
so they are really soft.
the colour is beautiful
and the lady selling them is so creative!
when you go to her website,
there is a gallery, check it out.

 these are soooo nice!
brylove has very nice glasses, 
mostly sunglasses but normal ones too.

 i've been looking for big, round glasses for so long,
most of them would be too small for my face 
or the frame was wonky.
but these are perfect, and the red-pinkish tone of the lens
just adds that much to the world!

 as you all obviously know, i love socks.
every time i pass a place that sells them,
i have to take a look and search for new
additions to my crazy collection 
(btw, for my namesday i got 9 pairs).
i discovered many mornings,
i was instantly hooked but i just never came across them
in real life, but they were here.
so i naturally got some.

 now, this is probably my favourite thing,
a cat bag! and the ears are 3d!
dekumdekum specialises in those things,
they even have their own lining fabric.
and the price is very affordable,
if i say so myself.

as if this wasn't the longest post here in a while, i have one more thing.

i'm looking for another pair of correction glasses, and i want them a bit crazy.
there was this stall, bodyych

 and i freaking found rita skeeter glasses!

my question, should i get them?
you could comment on my instagram.

the fair is open tomorrow as well, from 11am to 6pm, get the 31, 32 or 8 tram.

hope you enjoyed that,



p.s. i know it may sound like i was paid to say all this or something but i really, (unfortunately, heh) wasn't. i would tell you.


week 21


another tbt of sockabrate.

imagine socks, or anything really,
made of self-healing
bubble wrap.
appreciate the bubble wrap.

 baking themes continue.
chocolate cake with chocolate

 i love those, as in socks.
pancakes are way to much effort for breakfast
for me, i''m super lazy.

 based on rubik's cube colours.
because... you get it?
it's a puzzle...?
i'll show myself out.

breakfast week apparently here.
croissants are great, buttery pastries that are made
of wonders. basic french thing,
coffee and a croissant.

 i was going for a backward sock,
as in you put it on backwards.
i feel like it looks really original,
just the making part would be probably
quite difficult.

when i did my paradise dress
i researched quite a lot
into scales so i thought
it was only acceptable i did a sock
like that too.
imagine it being slightly iridescent.

hope you liked this post,

i'm feeling so good with all those new ones i've made,

i'm really glad you are all here




week 26

hi again.

next portion cause i'm on a roll.

 unfortunately i don't have a dog.
but i know some and they all love treats. 
i have a recipe for scooby snacks
if you want it, i can make a baking thing,
i bake sometimes.

salsa chips. 
comes in guacamole green too.

clam chowdah, nothing without clams!
i don't know,
i've never tried it.
but i do like the shell print.

for hot feet.
not my problem, ever.
ice as feet always great.

eeee... i don't really like those.
couldn't figure out how to draw the seeds better,
but i like the idea of bigger strawberries.
i do already have a pair with berries
but they are really small.

 i was gonna do a design for another celebration
but i turns out that there is no other
sword-related holiday and i am
quite fond of such weapon
so here is this one.
and i wanted to do something
with silver and violet.

a sweet little piggy with 3d ears.
sorry you're a little muddy but my pen did a thing.

hope you enjoyed this,

and see you thursday!



week 20


long time no see, eh?
what am i, canadian now?

anyway, here is, in true queenofrainbow fashion, a late tbt post. i'm late with a throw back, dear god...

 silver... eee, what are these called?
tabs? yes, tabs. 
i think ''bigger then usual''
size looks so
much more interesting with these.

 are you aware of penguins?
i hope so because they are the best.
just don't watch 
''march of the penguins''
with non-waterproof

 i hate this one.
i hate it.
nothing more to say about that.

 ''fire can't kill a dragon'',
 but hot sauce sure can, daenerys.

 want a piece of apple cinnamon 
too bad i can't send you some.
have a sock instead,
just... don't eat it,

peanut butter love.
i am really, truly,
sorry for those of you
who are allergic...
it's really good.

such a cool holiday, right?
this one is made to look like it's
inside out.
you know, the furry argyle bits,
the reversed colours.
i think this is my favourite one this week.
and it'll keep monsters away,
just like the chronicles of spiderwick said.

hope you enjoyed,

actual this weeks post coming up in a few hours
cause i'm in the zone.




week 25


let's get started.

this week is a bit simpler, some of these are more of an association game.

 this is a pretty obvious one.
light, mind, creativity

 you know, he's famous for films with explosions?
i don't know, i don't usually do 
birthdays but i couldn't find anything good
for this day.
those explosions aren't even that cool...

 inspired by wines colours.
you can't really see the light ones,
but believe me it's there.

mint chocolate is probably in my 5 top chocolates.
and that's saying a lot,
since i can't be stopped with chocolate. 
now that i think of it,
it looks more like soil.

 i'm really proud of that one.
it looks a bit more cherry like
in real life but i'm shit
at editing.

love them, want them on
my feet (not literally obviously)

saint lucia's doesn't look like that.
but it has these colours in this ratio,
so i decided to make some simple stripes. 
i haven't seen this combo before.

so there you go.

hope you enjoyed, see you thursday.




taco cat


i know, it's been a while. i'm sorry but i got into a big hole and couldn't get out.
but now i can write a post about inspiration, the idea of getting a vision out of other stuff, sometimes other people's work. i don't think i'm going to get into that right now but soon. anyway.

i'm back. i know i'm a month behind on the socks but i think i have a good idea on how to catch up. i'll be posting sockabrate for 4 weeks twice a week, each sunday the current week and on thursday, throwback thursday, i'll show you one of the missing weeks.

recently, i started to take my makeup a bit more seriously so, since i am a makeup art student, would you like to see something like that? maybe not special effects because gore might not be your thing but an occasional product review or a simple look, step by step? i want to get better at editing photos so maybe i could start with that?

on the other hand, i should draw more. next school year i have to do my diploma presentation, it's going to be kind of like my the other side of patchwork project but like 10 times as big. i already started thinking about what should i do, you know, marrying costume and makeup. maybe i should try to out up some sketches? to be fair, i don't have any.

my sister's dress has it's chosen lace and lining but i'm not the one sewing it (fortunately! it would turn out awful) so the freshest info is going to drop mid march. oh god, i really am a 40-year old woman who tries to be hip. what have i become.

i am going to post my thoughts on visions later this week, i have to focus on what i want to say, i feel like it's an important subject and since sometimes it's very had to deal with lack of inspiration, i want to express my opinion about it.

i hope you're all well and still want to read my stuff, i just wasn't feeling well at all. still am but now i want to sort it out a bit.

i'm looking forward to new content,



p.s. taco cat, tac ocat


bug girl


today, let's go back to december, london, csm course.

as i said here and here, it was all a lot of fun but we had a project to make in the end.

so here is a summary of mine.

here is what i started with. we did some drawings, ''sculptures'', thingamajigs...

 i especially like that one.

we also explored more inspirations, used more drawings.

my wall.

back at the dormitory i did some more experimenting, focusing more on the bug theme.

those are glue strings, it was a nightmare to do.

next we did some yarn wrappings, it's more about the colour palette, textures that can be used. i was mostly inspired by the iridescent bugs.

 bug colours.
 sock colours.
 all together.

so, then i moved on to other parts, such as the screen print. i'm very proud of those designs, imagine using them for silk ties, blazers, scarfs...

i'm feeling especially good about this one:
maybe i'll do something with it in the future...

and that's mostly it. there are a few more things, but i'll drop them later. some of the techniques were very interesting as i said again and again. i would love to do more of mechanical knitting, maybe i'll try to track down a machine for that...
i'm kinda happy with how it turned out but if there is one thing i found out on this course is that the speciality in textiles is not for me. there is no actual final product, you can always add more. i would prefer to make use of the fabric, make costumes, sew with them... i guess i'll do everything :].

i hope you enjoyed that, let me know what you think.



btw: socks are coming tomorrow, i can't find the notebook.