sockabrate (?)


so i'm starting a new project. and i need your input.

as i've said a million times on here, i love socks and everything connected to them.
i also love celebrations especially weird ones. i just found a great website: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/. it shows you the craziest holidays all over the world, like international  otter day and roald dahl day. naturally i really want to celebrate those in a special way just to make it fun.

this is a start of a problem. how can you celebrate every day? i think - festive socks!
unfortunately there is not enough socks (says the girl with 140 pairs of socks). i figure that there should be some for the special occasions.

there comes my genius idea. let's make socks for these holidays! i just thought that this is kind of less original than i thought but oh well...

so from this week on i'm going to be posting a weekly round up of different sock designs for every day of the school year! sunday, 8 pm. that's pretty much it. i think it's going to be a nice fun exercise for the design side and you can learn something geeky on here (it's not going to be that much different, really...).

see you next time!




hubble bubble

listen to this first:
bubble surprise

now this:

you get me. i like bubble tea. recently i went to warsaw with my good friend ami and i tasted the original bubblelogy tea. it was very good. but i've had better. i know, sacrilege for a real hipster (i'm better than you cause i only drink the ''original'', blah blah blah).
i'm probably kinda a hipster although i prefer to think of myself as a geek... i'm just diggin' myself deeper...

i like bubble tea. today i got some really good here, that is my point. 



p.s. i started drawing more, want to see?


feet sweaters


remember me? i'm the girl who gets a blogs, writes cool things and even gets a website, builds a small audience (really small, don't worry, i'm not turning vain) and than all of a sudden, abandons it completely. for months...

such wonderful feeling to be back, really.

i haven't written in so long, i don't even know why, first i didn't have time, than anything interesting to say and the hiatus got longer and longer. i can't promise i'm back for good, my mental health isn't exactly at it's strongest, but i'll try nonetheless.

welcome back, dear reader.

i feel i shouldn't catch you up on new things, it'll probably come with time. let's just start...


saturday is a cleaning day at my house, in general, cleaning is a very loose term in my household... anyway, i hate hoovering so i do everything but, i started with laundry. i got to the sock drawer(s) and noticed a beautiful thing. my drawers are overflowing with literary hundreds of wonderful feet jumpers.

i finally want to share the love.

i have 130 pairs and counting. socks are my weakness, i can not say no to those wondrous things.

do you want to see them? cause i'm obseeesed!

secret thing, i want to make a garland out of them for my birthday in september.
like this:

what do you think about people with weird socks, i mean it says something about a person right?
i just feel like i'm so quirky and fun but actually i'm probably more of a derp loser...

on that positive note, 




on being a distant londoner

whoop whoop is that another post in february??? what is wrong with me...

i'm working on another ballet costume review post, from 'the corsair' this time. this is coming in about a weeks time, i don't have the info with me here.
where is here you might ask, or not, i wouldn't.

surprise, surprise i'm in london again and thought since this time i seem to think a lot more i might as well write about it here. there will be photos! (imagine that in some cheap word art)

today's views

ok so this was written on freaking thursday! i'm so bad at this. but now i need to finish this because i told my uk friends in real life (i know, i have a life!) that i'll finish it soon. here is the rest of my beautiful monologue.

i'm currently at the stansted airport, sitting with my paper cup that i emptied during the 20 minutes i was trying to connect to my wifi. that's such a #firstworldproblem but i'm just that wanna-be western. i officially left london on about 6 am but i feel like the goodbye should be my point.

you see, yesterday when i was on a very long walking (and then some more walking) day i realised something. i need this time alone. i need it like water. only when i have a 'good day' in london i actually feel well. like i belong. 
i could walk around this city forever. and i did. first i went to all my favourite places and then just wandered around. i know, sounds so dreamy but when you think about it carefully it seems awful. all day of walking with a abnormally heavy bag (i carry a full set of watercolours for some reason) without even reaching the desired destination. but i don't really care. is that a londoner thing?

no, it probably isn't. 'the natives' take the tube just to get about 200 meters down the street. they get really angry at slow-walking people (i can see the point, they are so annoying!) and they generally hate kids and the rush hours. they hate being stuck in a traffic jam on oxford street any time of the day, they hate waiting for the tube more than 2 minutes and they hate... well ok, they don't hate everything but you get the point. 

then i'm a distant londoner. i feel so good in this city, and i don't even know why. i love the uk in general (great music, great actors, great accents) but i can't place that one thing that keeps me going back to the capital (it's my 10th time, *celebrate plays in the background*).

in my favourite seat on the bus (upper deck, right at the front on the right aisle seat) i feel in my calm, safe and happy place.

one of my friends (ami) asked me how am i not sceared to come here all alone (we're 17), so many times for about 3 years. that just it.

congrats if you got in this far, here is your reward:
i invite you to my happy place

that's enough for now. i'll see you in a bit...




so the other day i went to see the transmission of a ballet 'jewels' from the bolshoi theatre. the play was originally choreographed by george balanchine in 1967 for the new york city ballet and now the bolshoi got the permission from his foundation to re-stage it in moscow.

the ballet has three acts but it doesn't really matter since it's not story driven. each act symbolises one kind of jewel, emeralds, rubies and finally diamonds. the choreographer wanted to bring a forth jewel, sapphire but, in the end, it wasn't finished.

it is said that balanchine was inspired by the rich and wonderful jewellery stores down the fifth avenue in new york. each jewel symbolises different ballet schools. emeralds are like the delicate and elegant french ballet, rubies are classic but with a musical ballet twist like the american ballet and the crowning jewels, diamonds, are as sophisticated and precise as the russian ballet.

the music also matches the symbolic meanings. emeralds dance to extracts from Gabriel Fauré's Pelléas et Mélisande (1898) and Shylock (1889), rubies twirl to Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra (1929) by Igor Stravinsky and diamonds shine to the tones of  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 3 in D major (1875).

so now that we have the general overview, let's get to the really exciting part, the costumes! 
i was really excited, like imagine how many things you could do with costumes for not only a ballet play but picturing jewels! i was so pumped. 

it turns out i overshot the creativity of the costume designer, Barbara Karinska. i know, it's probably a shock, she designed so many wonderful costumes. 
and now hear me out. i'm not saying the costumes aren't wonderful. they are so well crafted and beautiful, they kinda look like i could imagine them but come on... so much more could have been done to them!

photos for reference:

in each act there are the 'main' dancers and of course the back... (i don't know, i know the minimal things about ballet). the problem for me was that there wasn't much difference between the main and others... like none at all. i suppose it was a conscious decision, since those are the same jewels, but i was just so disappointed... 

the thing i thought was really well thought out was the style of the costumes. they were quite nicely fitted to the choreography and music. but they didn't look like jewels and i think that was the main point.

look at this. the tulle is so nice, the colour is perfectly matched. but the design on the front is just so generic.


this is even more generic. the 'rubies' skirt doesn't move with her dance. after rubies i sort of lost hope for these costumes.


these sort of restored my peace of mind. for me it was the best part.

i think i'm done here. have you seen it by any chance? what do you think of the costumes?

btw do you like those 'review' things?



ps. the photos are not mine, taken by damir yusupov and elena fetisova, curtesy of the bolshoi theatre website.




how are you, my dear reader? good? i just really wanted to chat to somebody (aka the abyss of the internet) so i thought this is the right place.
the new year has been quite good for me so far, i've done quite a lot of drawings and other interesting things, mostly diy. my obsession with postal services continues so i discovered a way to make my own custom envelopes, let me know if you want a post on how to make them. oh and they make use of your old calendars with cool photos you don't have the heart to throw out.

also, i'm going to london in a month!
i don't know why but this time i'm like extra excited, i feel like i'm going for the first time. ok, maybe not the first first but i feel like something new. maybe cause i'm going to stay at a different hotel than usual or that i just bought a new, smaller suitcase? btw does anybody of you know how to make a stop motion? i get the photos part but how do you put it nicely together?

speaking of london, i just found out (by searching the fashion week, just missing it by a day, bummer) a  fashion event going on then. it's called london future fashion and from what i know it's like a show and tell, some meetings and stalls promoting the newest things in the industry.
sound nice? here's the website if you want: http://www.ldnfuturefashion.moonfruit.co.uk/home/4580490771
i'm really considering buying a ticket, i just need to try to get my friends to go with me ;]

how are you, any plans for the winter break?





how have you been? 
long break but let's just say now i have to be better. 
look higher...
a bit higher...

can you see this? i now have my own website for this blog. i know, not a big deal for you but massive for me.

anyways. to celebrate my 'comeback' i chose to publish some art i was making this year.
recently i was intrigued by those images you see, that are made with one line.
this is my attempt.
they are not exactly one line, more or less, but still looks quite good, right?

for a good start i recreated some of my favourite photos from this summer. enjoy!



what do you think?

i'm very pleased, they look very simple and are easy to draw but give me a lot of satisfaction :)

how are you this new year?




the hat of fabulousness

 how is the raven like a writing desk?

so halloween happened. this year i actually prepared, and since i go to an art school now i decided to dress up! characterisation and style course requires commitment. 

alice in wonderland is one of my favourite books. i absolutely love the old story but tim burton's remake was really cool as well. i love all the cgi work in it, and johnny depp did a great job with his mad hatter.

my take on this classy and crazy english gentleman obsessed with tea was focused on taking both characters and blending them into a colourful mix. that sounds a bit morbid but i think it turned out pretty good.

 hat - handmade (do you want a tutorial?)
shirt - asos
jacket - thrifted, beyond retro
trousers - marks & spencers

make up:
(when i took it of in the evening,
 i basically thought that my eyes stopped existing)

 lipstick - revlon 'black cherry'
 hat scarf - thrifted
neck scarf - marni for h&m
 rings (from left) - antique shop, topshop, zara, my mom
 shoes - doc martens
socks - marks & spencers

and here are some photos where my crazy just gets out:

 i disapprove of this pocket watch

i'm no longer ginger so it kinda doesn't look as crazy as it could've but i still love it. btw, do you like my  new hair colour? it's gonna go bit colder toned in a bit.

it suits my beauty type, but on this some other day.

i'm so excited to dress up, even if halloween is not as widely celebrated here. plus the mad hatter is a bit more original than a zombie or mickey mouse, i think.

what were you this halloween? i wanna see!!

thank you for the photos:
great job :]

love you,


p.s. if you want to know anything more, like nail polish or something, ask away!